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Red Bayberries 杨梅 Are Now Available in Australia!

We were first told about the availability of these beautiful fruits by a couple of readers. Completely astonished, we were told not only are they available right here in Australia fresh, they were not imported but are homegrown by YV Fresh.

They are also known as Wayberries, Arbutus, Yamamomo and Yang Mei.

The history of Red Bayberries in Australia is a long one, as University of Queensland scientists have been involved in assisting growers with commercial crops for the local and export market. These fruits have not been cultivated outside of Asia commercially. For the past 18 years, industry backers have worked closely with growers, scientists and researchers to determine growth conditions and production values as a result of that.

Curious, we contacted YV Fresh, the contracted representative for the growers of Red Bayberries in Australia. They put us in touch with Mannix, the pioneer distributor of these rare fruits locally.

Meeting Mannix was a revelation and a complete education.…

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