Authentic Nasi Lemak and Singapore Malay Food in Melbourne!

Selera Singapore Asli
334 Springvale Road
Forest Hill VIC 3131
(03) 9878 0310

This is going to be one long blog post filled with pics of authentic (finally!) Singapore-style Malay food in Melbourne! Bliss!! I cannot stress enough how amazing the nasi lemak ($5.50) is especially with the Chilli sauce. The rest, I'll let the photos be the judge.

Nasi Lemak wrapped in true Singapore style with banana leaf and brown paper packaging ($5.50)

This, is sting ray! Yes, we found this little-used fish in Melbourne but oh-so-familiar to us!

Ikan Billis with some sort of bean which I'm not a fan of


Yes, it's Lontong. The fragrance of the dessicated coconut fried with laksa leaves permeates the curry, although the actual rice is more like instant ketupat.

I love frying up some skinless frankfurt sausages and smear the chilli sauce all over it. Fishballs work the same too.

The star of the feast!

Don't let the looks fool you, honestly. The pandan crepe is absolutely soft, fragrant and delightful with the moist palm sugary coconut filling. An absolute steal at only $1.50 each.

Curry-pok! Yes, curry puffs that look good but sadly do not measure up in taste. Pastry was hard and the filling was potato and curry powder.

Insane, I know. 3 pics for something I recommend NOT trying. But sigh, they do look good in a pic, like a beautiful model with vacuous disposition.
Now, the place is run by a real macik who I've heard is the Nasi-Lemak version of the Duck Nazi (who as since relocated to Box Hill after selling his biz in Fitzroy). But I find her absolutely endearing and she kept telling me to tell "aunty" anything I want to eat and she can cook for me. I love and adore real characters. After all, the ones who leave impressions on people are those who are extra ordinary and I sure love some feisty attitude. These are normally the cooks with most passion. It's a fuss-free and old-style Malay place for makan. Thoroughly refreshing, sedap!


  1. yum, will definitely check out this place, especially since they hv stingray. the smelly bean is petai, my favourite (but you can only get it in ayam brand cans here, so it's been cooked the hell out of and is no longer crunchy). the 'pandan crepe' is a ketayap i believe.

  2. I haven't been to this place in a while Eugene. Give it a go and let me know how it went. The rice and the chilli really reminds me of Singapore.


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