Smoked Salmon Hashbrown Salad

One of my favourite dishes in the world is actually a salad. I love my greens, taste not just having it as a healthy option is my motivating hunger for vegies. I frequently love coming up with making different sorts of salads and dressings. Today, I'm introducing an amazingly simple and yummy salad I make very often.


Smoked Salmon
2 Hashbrowns
Creme Fraiche
Mixed Rocket Salad
Half a punnet of cherry or grape tomatoes
Balsamic Vinegar
Black Pepper


  1. Bake hashbrowns in the oven (this will take about 25 minutes on 230 degrees from frozen)
  2. Place salad and tomatoes to fill the plate
  3. Rest hashbrowns on top of the salad in the middle
  4. Dollop creme fraiche on the hashbrowns
  5. Put as much or as little smoked salmon on top of the hashbrowns
  6. Drizzle balsamic on the salad
  7. Add cracked black pepper over the lot
I realise hashbrowns are very "pedestrian" but it's easy and a great replacement for rosti which I do use as well.



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