Xinjiang Lamb Skewers

One of the things I enjoy most going to the Chinese New Year markets or festivals is the smokiness and aroma of grilled lamb skewers over charcoal ambers.

Lao Tuo Jia was the original hawker of these amazingly tender and well-spiced lamb skewers. The wave of new migrants over the last decade to Melbourne encompasses different cultures and with these new faces we've been privvy to their cuisines from various regions. I for one relish the opportunity to learn more about other ethnicities and opening my eyes and tastebuds to the exciting prospect of foods I wouldn't have experienced or known otherwise.

The style of lamb skewers is very much Xinjiang. We've had the Canto phase, the Teochew and the Sichuan but Xinjiang is relatively new here.

I use:

- 1kg leg roast cut of lamb
- Cumin powder (2 tbs)
- Sea Salt (2 tbs)
- Garlic Powder or Flakes (2 tbs)

Soak satay sticks if you plan on using those as skewers in warm water. Cut lamb into strips or pieces. Marinate for an hour.

Skewer the lamb pieces and grill over a BBQ or even a skillet approx 2 min on each side before turning them and another 2 min that side.

It's ready to serve at this stage. However my fave bit is sprinkling some chilli powder over the skewers to add a deliciously red hot kick to the lamb. I've been known to love my hot red kicks especially on the soles...


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