Masak Masak Review

Masak Masak

We were really looking forward to this new kid on the block on hip food street. It unfortunately did not match our expectations.

The rice lack the charred sear of a burning wok and the flavours were pretty ordinary. The chicken was pleasant enough but was certainly not enough to bring us back.

The ginger soy pork was tender and hark back to familiar home-cooked meals from Singapore/Malaysia Chinese families. 

This visit was rather disappointing. If you live in the area and are up for simple fare and a quick casual meal, Masak Masak is an easy port of call. As a destination dining for fab flavours and a knock-out meal, we have reservations (pun unintended).


  1. I am surely going to eat in this place. I'm really not a picky eater. I love any kind of dish from any kind of food catering and I think this restaurant is a good destination for a family dining.


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