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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Banh Mi

I adore Banh Mi, or for that matter, Vietnamese cuisine. From their salad-stuffed ricepaper rolls to their warming bowls of pho.

We've decided to do an easy dinner tonight with some refreshing ingredients for my version of Banh Mi.

The Viet bread rolls are renown for their nice thin crust on the outside and light airy chewy insides. There really is no substitute.

Let's not leave out one crucial ingredient - the pork liver pate. I got mine from Nhu Lan Bakery on Victoria St in Richmond. Just $4.80 for a round container. Spread it generously on lightly toasted rolls.

I love love love coriander, so I put a bunch between 2 bread rolls, not to mention the stock standard cucumber and spring onion. For those who love a hit, I recommend throwing in some sliced birds eye chilli. I'm not a fan of pickled carrots so I've left that out of mine.

The filling is entirely up to the individual. I chose pan-fried cuttlefish bites for tonight. And before I get picked up on it, yes, I've omitted butter and the Knorr seasoning sauce purely due to personal taste. Just like how S chose to have wagyu beef patties for his filling. To each his/her own we say.

This meal is oh so satisfying...I'm beyond delighted.