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I have been having more and more of those days. Yes, THOSE days when long days at work, a million things to do for home and still more on the to-do list. Cooking generally relaxes me and as you, dear readers, know, I adore trying out new recipes. But not when we have zero fresh produce at home to cook with.

We have been caught out ordering via Menulog quite a few times, just because it's easy to order online and state exactly what special instructions you want for each dish by typing it out instead of repeating it again and again to some person on the phone. I have not tried other online food delivery order websites so cannot vouch for them, but I figure since Menulog is the No 1 site for this sort of thing and they seem to have the best restaurant and cafe network in Melbourne, I'll stick to what I know, merci!

We tend to order local so the food delivery is fast and stays warm or it's just easier if one of us is on the way home to drop by and pick up the order. So it's now just down to choices.

Today, we decided on an old favourite of ours, Indian Palace in Brighton.

We had Indian Palace years ago in Balmain, Sydney. It was delicious and it must be food kismet, I swear, because they opened a branch right here in Brighton, in Melbourne, where yours truly lives!

Sooo....we hit the know-it-by-heart-but-must-still-browse menu.

I know it bloats me some, but to me any North Indian cuisine is not complete without my staple, Garlic Naan. Light as a cloud but so satisfyingly chewy and doughy, I love the slathered garlic butter and the aroma is so addictive you literally eat it by itself.

We ordered an entree version of the Tandoori Lamb but it's really generous at 6 cutlets a serve. Marinated well and cooked to perfection, the tandoor oven has delivered one yummy slightly charred dish!

I know what you are thinking. How pedestrian butter chicken is. No. It's. Not. When made by Indian Palace. Rich unctuous sauce with a depth of flavour that will haunt your taste buds with tingling memories. The chicken is tender and succulent. The sauce smooth and spicy (we order our butter chicken very spicy).

My one and only regret EVER at Indian Palace was the entree of Mushrooms. Soggy with a strange flavour, I will not recommend this dish.

The beef and potato curry is overlooked for the more popular choices such as Vindaloo, Saag or Korma. But the rich tomato flavours mixed perfectly with the herbs and spices that provide such a saucy kick to the juicy and soft beef pieces and roasted potatoes, I do wonder all the time sometimes, why cook?

We receive plenty of emails a day requesting more info on a post or restaurant, so we do apologise if we are unable to reply to everyone. Please either download the Menulog App or go to their website to place an order or for more info. Yes, the website is legit and will not be swallowing your money! I have had heaps of fun ordering various cuisines there. Ahem, all for greedy research purposes.

* Meal compliments from Menulog


  1. i literally want to cry after visiting this site. GOSH!!! made me so so hungry i cannot tell you. i am a desi food lover and now i want to eat seekh kebab and chicken karahi with freshly baked naans.


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