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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sapore Cafe - Chadstone Shopping Centre

Sapore Cafe
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Ground Floor (Round the corner of where Carla Zampetti is)
(03) 9568 8443

I really did mean to take pics and do a proper review seeing as I do eat there often. But I was so hungry today I completely forgot. Just wanting to update readers and remind you guys to eat there while they still have their Fish of the Day, it's their Chef's Special for the week. Generous portions at $19.50 Blue Grenadier served with small potato wedges. Their salads are also pretty good-sized, I always have the Salmon Salad ($17.50). It's a huge plate of smoked salmon, capers, creme fraiche, rosti and rocket leaves drizzled with balsamic. I was given a massive dollop of creme fraiche, which I walloped to my own shock, ok, not really. But give it a go, it's one of those cafes with the open concept in the middle of shops like Tilka and what's the name of the men's shoes place? Llyods I think.

Next time I promise a proper review.

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