A Quickie Lunch

I've received several emails asking what I usually do for lunch as my blog is so heavily focused on dinner. Truth is I rarely eat lunch or brekkie for that matter.

But when I do, I love having multigrain sourdough lightly toasted with sautéed diced mushrooms seasoned with a dash of minced garlic and olive oil topped off with cracked pepper.

I also enjoy celery sticks with a blue cheese dip to go along.

And of course nothing says spring like a smoothie of banana, honey and skim milk.



  1. There's something delicious about olives & bread.. especially when a loaf of sourdough has kalamatas baked-in. Yum!

  2. I so agree Andy...a warm loaf with EVOO or a smidge of Pepe Sayer hand-churned butter...


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