Ajisen Ramen Review


367 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, VIC 3122.
T: (03) 9818 0818

Japanese Ramen is more than just the instant noodles sold in supermarket and certainly a whole lot more complex and deep or subtle in flavour than the faux Jap places here and there masquerading actual instant noodles as Ramen.

The hours/days of brewing and simmering the traditional pork bone broth are tempered with gentle stirring and a low fire. Ramen chefs take years to master the art.

For many ramen enthusiasts especially those who have been to Japan and had the sublime pleasure of tasting the rich yet light secretion of concentrated broth, Ajisen Ramen is but a franchise with improbable and unauthentic provenance.

But hang on, although we have heard less than stellar reviews of this franchise from other states, I do not actually mind our Melbourne stores quite as much. I'm probably the first to admit the ramen tasted like they came from a refrigerated pack and the soup hardly rank high on the list, but for some strange reason, I genuinely do not mind it.

The Hawthorn store was one I visited quite some time ago after they opened, and I have been back since a few times. The service is quick, friendly, you eat and you go.

I tell you what, a mediocre passably good soup provides a fabulous base when you add a whole heap of garlic flakes and the fragrance of chilli powder, sesame seeds, seasoning and bits of nori into the steaming bowl of ramen.

I just love the kooky serviettes and logo

The Karage Ramen was exactly what you would expect from a Jap chain. The chicken was crispy enough but not super crunchy. It was slightly dry but the flavour wasn't half-bad. Let's face it, it's just an accompaniment. S added corn, as did I, to the broth and it was well worth it.

I ordered the spicy deep fried pork ribs with garlic and shallots because I was health-conscious looking forward to the onions adding another dimension to the soup as I stir it through with gusto. Although there was an obvious layer of oil skimming the top and I puked my guts out after that, I relished the different combination of flavours every ingredient and condiment added to the smell and taste of the ramen. The pork itself has a slight porky aftertaste, which is kinda unpleasant, but you can always chuck it to S leave it aside and dip it in some sauce later on.

All in all, no major complaints here. There are worse places Wagamama but I really do not mind it here at all and will revisit again and again.

Trading Hours:
Tues - Fri : 11:30am - 3:00pm, 5:30pm - 9:00pm
Sat - Sun : 12:00pm - 9:00pm


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