Miss Chu Review

The feisty and very likeable Miss Chu is the best billboard for her eateries. From time to time we tend to get a little disappointed with highly-recommended IT places to eat, only to find out the hype does not match the ike.

The decor is quirky, kinda old-school with an eco-feel to it. The long deep seating plan almost mimics a laneway of Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. I adore the Chinese porcelain bowls as lamp pendants dangling from the high ceilings. The down-to-earth feel of wood in the space makes the area somehow vintage or reminiscent of another era.

The drinks menu is interesting with a few Asian flavours such as lychees thrown in.

We decided to try a Chalkboard Special in the Steamed Rice Rolls with Minced Pork. Seeing as I am such a big fan of Viet food, I have yet to try the Viet version of Chee Cheong Fun. Miss Chu's version was certainly interesting. The broth was a nice surprise. It was light and I do love subtle flavours. The crunch of the shallots and bean shoots complements the softness of the rice roll and minced pork.

I was so curious about the vermicelli and Prawn and Crab Net Springrolls. It did not disappoint. The net springrolls were crunchy and the fillings were seasoned perfectly. The vermicelli was really yum. Yes, YUM. Not very colloquial but the brave hit of chillies unabashed in the spicy kick added to the blander and milder tastes of the fishsauce, salad of greens and vermicelli.

The Pho ($14) was reasonably tasty. The soup was beautifully clear with a generous serve of spring onions. S missed the taste of chilli condiment for pho as he is so addicted used to Pho Hung's chilli paste made for pho.

The Prawn Rice Paper Rolls with Green Mango were a refreshing change and twist on the traditionals, as with the rest of their rice paper rolls. By now, you would have thought I would be bee-hooned out but the salads in all the dishes did not fill me up as much as carbs or proteins would.

I was definitely into trying the Roast Duck with Shredded Banana Flower Rice Paper Roll. The unusual combo actually works. The fragrance of the banana flower reminds me slightly of lemongrass but milder. It offsets the richness of duck and combines perfectly with the mint and vermicelli.

It is a fun lunch spot or perfect for a casual dinner. Easy to order and you can't really go wrong with anything on the menu. It is unpretentious, current and the food is blooming good!


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