7D Dried Mangoes

The scent and taste of food for many brings back fond memories of a certain period in our lives. A constant for me are dried mangoes. The best as everyone knows, are from the Philippines. A country known for their amazingly sweet aromatic tropical fruits such as mangoes, bananas and papayas.

Ripened and sweet, they taste of South East Asia, a beautiful homage to the topical climate and wonderful panache of the land there.

Based on an obsession lasting decades, my favourite brand has always been 7D Mangoes. Soft and fragrant, it delivers in consistency. Now stocked in Daiso stores Melbourne-wide and of course in all good Asian supermarkets, run, don't walk for the best dried mangoes in the world. I stand by that statement.


  1. The best thing about this restaurant is the environment first of all which they’ve given just according to the name it has and the food shown in the pictures is already making my mouth full of water.

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