Som Tam Thai Restaurant

750 High Street Thornbury 3071
03 9480 5276

Melbourne is a beautiful mesh of people who are born here and migrants from all cultural backgrounds and nationalities. We are all happy to call ourselves Aussies. The Asian community forms a crucial part of the population and this is evident by the colourful array of food available in Melbourne. 

However, the generic term "Asian" has never really sat right with me. In Asia, we do not refer to ourselves as Asians. We own identities such as Singaporeans, Hong Konger, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean, to name a few. In fact, South-East Asia very much differs from the rest of Asia. 

I love the provenance of where people come from and the cuisine they proudly represent and stamp authentically so. The Thai couple, who are owners of Som Tam Thai Restaurant, have owned their identities in the most sincere way...through their food. 

When a chef presents a dish they feel so strongly about, it's a privilege to experience a piece of their heart and sentiment on a dish. For the owners, that dish is Som Tam, the namesake for their restaurant. The owners are both chefs with 15 years experience in Thailand, and if Som Tam is their quintessential signature Thai dish, they brook no argument from us. 

Som Tam
When we think Thai, the first thought that comes to mind are fresh ingredients and aromatic gutsy seasoning and flavours. Som Tam is a gorgeous visual feast of salad made up of green papaya, snake beans, roasted peanuts, lime juice, palm sugar, tamarind sauce and fresh prawns ($12.90). A salivating mix of locally sourced ingredients and all cooking oils and spices directly from Thailand. 

We respect and are very excited to witness the presence of a genuine authentic Thai restaurant in Som Tam. We have made a conscious effort to steer clear of the awful overly sweet Thai curries and Pad Thais peddled in every suburban "Thai" joint with no punch. We long for a whole deep fried fish with fantastic spicy fish and tamarind sauce and assortment of salad (Som Tam-style) to top it off, instead of the bottled sweet chilli sauce variety. We look forward to what Som Tam has to offer, especially from their Off The Boat range.

Red Duck Curry
True authentic seasoning from Thailand and fresh produce sourced locally is the identity of this restaurant. The wonderful concept of serving traditional food from the homeland in Melbourne never gets old. We can certainly appreciate successful and creative fusion concepts of cooking. It keeps the culinary landscape exciting. But boy, it's good to taste home. Even if it's our neighbours'.

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