3 Colour Bubble Tea

So this might look gross to you, but this bubble tea from Bubble Bubble, a drink kiosk located at the basement near Borders in Chadstone Shopping Centre, is really surprisingly good. I recently introduced it to my friend D, who loved it as well but he did have a few comments about it which is similar to my thoughts on the drink too. But first, the visual...

The 3 colour drink is made up of various fruit flavoured konyaku jelly, grass jelly and red bean with coconut milk. It is a modern twist of the traditional Vietnamese 3 colour drink where it comes in a small glass filled with Chendol green jelly, mung bean, grass jelly and red bean. Unless the traditional version where you'll be given a spoon and a thin straw to consume the "drink" (hardly considered a drink when half the glass is filled with shaved ice with minimal amount of coconut milk), the Bubble Bubble version comes with a thick bubble tea straw. The regular is $3.80 and the large, which is pictured here, is $4.50.

As mentioned above, D and I agreed that although it is convenient drinking it all up at one shot with a larger straw and with Bubble Bubble's version containing more liquid, it is very difficult sucking up, for lack of a better word, all the ingredients in every mouthful without ingesting most of the liquids. Unavoidably we are always left with almost half a cup of the jelly and red bean with no coconut milk left. It's a conundrum especially when we are appreciative of their generosity with the ingredients. But on the other hand we are left with no drink and a solid little pile of jelly going to waste without the delicious slurp of the coconut-based drink to accompany it.

Other than that, taste-wise it's fantastic and I would recommend requesting for a little less ice and having the ice completely melted before getting stuck into it. This is my guilty pleasure everytime I head to Chaddy. This drink definitely is worth getting, if not for the sheer amount of ingredients alone, but mostly for the great taste and delightful flavours. Now if only they could somehow blend the jelly a little bit smaller....


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