Some Otah and Satay for Dinner Today

Ok, so I was too lazy to take pics. We had some Otah in stick form (yes the authentic kind we bought from Emma's Yong Tau Foo, not the fish custard as dubbed by the producers in Masterchef Australia when Poh cooked it in the final week. I distinctly heard her calling it Otah-Otah but somehow when the dish was presented it says "fish custard" on the screen which made it sound really gross) with mantou. I know people normally wrap it in white bread, but I just love it with the clam-style mantou. I forgot what the brand is but the mantou was made in Taiwan.

We also had authentic Singapore satay. Yes, the real satay not the kebabs masquerading as satays. S marinated the chicken last night. He bought chicken thighs skin-on and cut them into really thin strips, skin and all and marinated it overnight in Prima Taste Satay seasoning. He also had those ketupat (sp?) all cooked in their rice in a little plastic packet stored in the fridge. Today, he skewered and threw the satays on the skillet and they were moist, juicy and packed with fantastic flavours. The trick I think is the thin slicing of the meat. Of course this was accompanied by the ketupat and sliced continentials cucumber (skin off). The satay sauce was great for the ketupat and cucumber but the satay is so good I find myself eating it on its own without dipping into the condiment.

There is a store that has opened up in the past few months selling frozen satay but in a kebab style. The couple there came from Singapore originally but have been living in Perth for many years before moving to Melbourne recently. Apparently they claimed there is already a satay place in Perth many people frequent which they are trying to emulate. My in-laws are from Perth but they've never heard about it.

I think a lot of our friends and rellies must be shocked to hear we've been cooking at home, seeing as we dine out most of the time or live on takeaways (not crappy stuff mind you!).


  1. FISH CUSTARD? Making a custard with meat? Eww. Yeah but I am very much sure that the satay would be great. Picture on your cover looks yum!

    1. Lol! It is very different to the dessert custard.

  2. Though frozen food has made our lives easy but its not actually good for health. If you have time its better to cook fresh meal rather than buying frozen.


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