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Friday, August 27, 2010

Mentaiko Pasta

So, much has been said about the Mentaiko Pasta and various interpretations of it. Get the cod roe, remove the membrane and scoop out the beady goodness from within and add it to pasta. Except, I could not find it in the Melbourne CBD Asian supermarket. I probably could at my Elsternwick Japanese supermarket or the one near the back of Prahran market, but I'm lazy so I took the easy way out and just bought the instant version. It says Spicy Cod Roe at the front of the packet. But of course as always, I have to add a little bit here and there. Now, there are 2 sachets of the spicy roe in each pack. S was very skeptical and kinda grossed out by trying anything roe-like but he absolutely LOVES this pasta now. The pic above is what I prepared for his lunch before we go to work in the morning. Just zap it in the microwave at work and voila.


1 sachet of Mentaiko
2 tbs garlic butter (minced garlic in butter)
1 dollop of thickened cream
120 gm pasta
Shredded seaweed

Cook pasta, drain it (do not add cold water) and toss everything. Simple!

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