Posting Pics of Nobu Post That Went MYSTERIOUSLY Missing...Hmm....

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. There was a long post about this with a mixed review from last year. I really do not know why it is actually missing, your guess is as good as mine...

So I'll just keep it simple with pics. Some short notes, love the patagonian toothfish, which is the black miso cod (I've got the recipe down pat), the tuna sashimi entree and the chocolate lava dessert. The rest are rather disappointing. On the whole within the same complex, Koko gets my Jap vote, especially their off-the-menu terriyaki fishhead in either King Fish or Toothfish.


Absolutely fresh tuna tataki with a light citrus olive oil drizzle. There is no aftertaste of the sashimi, an indication of freshness, which is great and I really enjoy the tangy afterbite of the dressing. Pretty faultless here. I did not take pics of S's entree unfortunately.

Tuna Tataki with Tonsasu

Sorry, can't help it...SLURP!


Scallops were tough and the sauce fell short and was kinda watery and rather bland. Although the asparagus were sweet and young, it was an ok dish, nothing much to rave home about quite honestly.

There is no doubt the Miso Black Cod was the dish of the day, and it really is no surprise hence we order it every time we go there. But is it really enough to carry the whole meal off? Having been to Nobu several times since they opened their doors, the excellent standard seems to have dropped progressively. Now we hardly even bother going there anymore.

The Sirloin Steak was shocking. The gravy was like dishwater thickened by corn starch. It was bland and lacking any flavour, simply brown goo. The steak was tough despite us requesting for medium-rare. Certainly a big disappointment. When they first opened, we had this dish and it was really faultless. Just a succulent well-cooked piece of beautiful steak and a delight to eat with or without rice. Now there is no way I'll risk ordering another serve of this ever.

Scallops with asparagus and mushrooms
Black Cod Miso
Beef Sirlion Steak


Both desserts were pretty faultless, so no complaints there...


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