Lindt Cafe - Wimbledon Cake

This post is way overdue, but no less delish. On a whim (wimbledon, geddit? LOL), I decided to get a whole cake since we had guests over for dinner couple of months back. Not wanting to overload on rich chocolate seeing as we were having some heavy dishes for dinner, I opted for a berry fresh option (I know I know, I'm on a roll with the punnets, oops, puns).

As described by Lindt, the Wimbledon cake is an artistically layered cake of mascarpone & vanilla bean cream, almond vanilla cake, strawberry puree, bordered by shards of red & white chocolate. Don't get me wrong, it is a thing of beauty in its entirety and I'm sure someone with less of a greedy eye might take a million pics of the cake as a whole, but I couldn't wait to dig in and TASTE the divine-ness.

I was not disappointed. Enjoy.


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