Neleyan Plastic Not Fantastic

One of my fave kuehs come from Neleyan on Swanston St in Melbourne CBD.

Chewing it however, I bit into a piece of plastic today.

My issue with a lot of the Asian casual dining places is their dismissal and refusal to take responsibility when you find an unwelcome ingredient in their food. A stray black pube-looking hair, a few instances of hair with follicle attached no less, plastic, insects, etc...

Every single time no refund was offered. It irks me there is an expectation for us to pay for unhygienic practices in the kitchen and just sheer brazen arrogance. No apology most of the time and instead looking at me as if it's my fault the extra "ingredient" just happened to be there.

Update: We informed the main branch of Neleyan in Hawthorn about the plastic found in the food and there was a surly glare, an unrepentant attitude and an implied p!ss-off. I rest my case.


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