Singapore Popiah

Yesterday evening was turning out to be a fresh corn and steamed cauliflower dinners (don't bash it till you try it). Until I remembered I've got a couple packets of frozen shredded yam bean or mung kwung and popiah (fresh spring roll not fried) skin. The rest of the stuff I have and so do you in the pantry.

To do a quick defrost of the yam bean, you can either use a microwave or like me, fill a large bowl with hot water from the tap, drop the packet in and cover.

Popiah Ingredients:

- 1 packet of Popiah Skin (use the product of Singapore brand)
- 2 packets of frozen shredded yam bean (they are standard)
- fish sauce
- light soy sauce
- 4 cloves of garlic minced
- Singapore chee cheong fun sauce in burgundy colour not black
- Siracha (sp?) chilli
- fried shallots
- one of those crunchy cracker packs for Asian salads
- coriander

First squeeze a the juices out of the defrosted yam bean. Do no discard. Stir fry garlic and add mung kwung. After stir frying for a couple of minutes, add just a tablespoon of light soy sauce. Toss evenly before liberally adding fish sauce to taste. Keep adding the yam bean juices till yam bean has softened but remain dry. Turn the heat off.

Peel a layer of skin from the sprjngroll pack. Lay it on a flat surface.

Smear chee cheong fun sauce and chilli sauce across the middle.

Pack the mung kwung in a generous mound horizontally on top of the smeared sauces. Add coriander, crackers and shallots on top neatly.

Fold the skin on either sides of the fillings on top of them and lift the bottom side closest to you over the entire filling and tuck it in. Then roll the entire filing till you reach the end of the top side of the skin and have it tucked under neatly.

Slice and serve.

This is an amazingly simple dish to make. I'll recommend putting in sliced hard-boiled egg too.


  1. Looks fantastic. Are you able to tell me where you found popiah skins? I can't wait to try this.

  2. The popiah skins can be found in any Asian supermarket in the frozen section. It's a big square shape in a white packaging with red borders.

  3. I miss... where can you get frozen yam bean? I haven't seen it at Asian supermarkets in Sydney


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