Snag Stand

Snag Stand

Cnr Latrobe And Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

For some reason this post kept staying in "drafts", but time to get a move on.

I've always yearned for the A & W Coney Dog but just could not find one even close to it here in Melbourne. But plebeian though it might sound, I do not care, I just love it!

So when my brother mentioned Snag Stand to S, I was so hoping I would find something similiar there to quench that craving. I did not find it there.

But pair anything with brioche, and you've won me over...

The selection was more than decent. When you know you can't decide what to get as everything sounds so delish, you know you are on the right track unless the food is terrible when it arrives.


I chose the Toulouse, going French of course. The brioche roll was lightly toasted and it was suitably complementary when warm especially when the buttery goodness provided a fragrant and soft backdrop to the beautifully herbed mushrooms, moist sausage and the garlicky aioli.

The Chilli Dog is a great snack but no replacement for my beloved Coney Dog. Might be an idea to leave out the olives though. For some reason, it reminded me of pizza especially with all the cheese.


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